This is a rather serious question. My answer is this: “Yes, He does. God does have people He favours above others.” Here are some examples of God’s favorites.

God favored Daniel. An angel appeared to Daniel and told him, “Daniel, you are highly esteemed (loved, beloved, treasured, respected, precious, favored, valued, desired.)” Because of Daniel’s standing in God’s eyes, God sent angelic messengers to Daniel to show him the future of world kingdoms. Why was Daniel so beloved of God? I believe it was because Daniel was uncompromising in his commitment to God. He risked death rather than defile himself. He prayed faithfully when he knew it meant being thrown to the lions. Would that be you? How uncompromising has your life been? Have you settled for financial success, for promotion, for status, recognition or convenience rather than risk it all for God?

God favored David. This shepherd king was a worshipper. He chose to live for the honor of God whether he was a shepherd, a king, or fleeing for his life from Saul. The ups and downs changed nothing – he was a committed and wild worshipper. When he sinned, he completely took responsibility and humbled himself, never making excuses and never complaining about the consequences. In fact, when judgment was pronounced after David’s sin with Bathsheba, and God allowed their infant son to die, David still worshipped. Would that be you? How loud is your worship in the bad times of life? 

God favored Abraham. God called Abraham and told him to GO,  with nothing but a promise. Abraham went. Later in life when his miracle promised son Isaac came, God asked him to give that child up as a sacrifice. Abraham obeyed without questioning.  He withheld nothing from God. Would that be you? If God asked, would you give all – or even some – of your blessings back to Him? If he wanted everything, would you give it?

Now let’s be clear. God loves everyone equally. He provides salvation through faith to every human alive. But for those who walk in His ways, He has a special place in His heart. David was “a man after God’s own heart” because he returned that deep love. It is foolish to think that God would place favor on our lives if we refuse to walk in His ways. 

So many today have no interest in God’s ways or God’s word. They have no integrity, no faithfulness – yet walk around claiming God’s favor on their lives or business. I learned a long time ago that God blesses what honors Him- there is not even a need to ask for blessing. God simply favors those who walk in his ways. It is as if the ground is dry and there is one cloud in the sky and it is raining under that cloud. Someone is standing shouting at heaven, “Lord, send that cloud over here!” And the Lord is replying, “Just come under my cloud and you’ll be under the rain. No need to ask for rain. It’s already raining! You’re just not in the right spot!”

This is my conclusion. God does favor people based on their attitude toward Him and their actions. A good prayer for all of us to pray: “Lord, what can I do to become Your favorite? Show me how I can bring my life under greater blessing and favor from You.”










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