A young girl was sent to the store down the street from her house to pick up something for her mother. She was gone a long time. After awhile her mother became concerned as to why it was taking so long. When the little girl finally returned, her mother anxiously asked her, “Where were you? Why did it take you so long?” She replied, “I met my friend sitting on the sidewalk crying. She had broken her doll.” “Did you stop and help her fix it?” asked the mom. The little girl replied, “No, I stopped to help her cry.”

The Bible tells us in Romans 8:26 that the Holy Spirit “helps” us in our weaknesses. He does not remove our weaknesses, but He helps us as we work at our weaknesses or infirmities. That word “weakness” refers to sickness, disease and/or physical weakness. It’s a broad word that includes a need for strength spiritually and emotionally.

Holy Spirit helps us as we choose a victorious life by thinking and working towards overcoming. He comes alongside us and provides what we need so that we can move forward. “Helps” in the original Greek is a word describing the action of a person taking ahold of another’s burden and helping him carry it. Think of it as if we are carrying a heavy basket all by ourselves and He says, “Here, let me help you with that. Give me one end.” He does not take it out of our hands and carry it for us, but He makes it possible for us to carry our load, endure our trial, finish our task- no matter what it is.

We need to understand that because we have a deficiency does not mean we can’t finish what God has planned for us. The Holy Spirit is here to help us finish well. When we don’t know how or what to pray in a given situation, He prays through us. This is one reason for praying in our prayer language- He is praying!

When we are in a crisis and we just don’t know what to do- now it’s a double problem. First we have this troubling issue and then we have the uncertainty of not knowing what to do. Double trouble! So Holy Spirit helps us know, understand, find direction or whatever we need. This may be physical, spiritual, mental, social- you name it- wherever we have a need, He is our HELPER. HE is THE resource and strength we can draw on.

Holy Spirit is as close as our breath. He is never far away. Jesus said to His disciples, “He is with you – but now (after Pentecost) He will be in you.” After the outpouring of the Holy Spirit- He came to replace the physical presence of Jesus with His limitless presence inside of us!

Do you need help today? Look to Holy Spirit within you. Expect a good conclusion. He is the Great Helper.



Who do you turn to when you need help? Are you quicker to reach out to other people instead of the Holy Spirit? Do you see the Holy Spirit as the Great Helper?


Romans 8:26 In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. Reading Plan: 1 Chronicles 25 - 2 Chronicles 2


Heavenly Father, I need your Holy Spirit to be my helper. I know that I cannot do all things on my own power, and even with the power of others. I need your supernatural power to be at work in my life. I thank you that the Holy Spirit is able to help me in my weaknesses. I am never alone.


Ask the Holy Spirit for help! Pray fervently, and especially in your prayer language, for His empowerment in your situation. He is never too far - he is the Great Helper! #HolySpirit #Help


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