Who’s in charge?

Someone has to lead….. the way, the attack, the plan or the people.
Well, actually someone is leading. If anything at all is happening with a group of people someone is leading. Everything happening may be negative but if something is happening someone is leading.
The problem is that often in life the one who should be leading is not leading. In defense of strong women, they often lead the family. I’ve talked to many wives and mothers over the years who wish and want their husbands to lead the family, but he does not so she does.
You see, someone has to lead or people go astray, disintegrate, become confused or start fighting. Once any of these things happen, progress is limited or lost entirely.
So whether its a family, a church, a group or organization, everything needs a leader.
Organizations all have leaders. It’s not necessarily the designated leader who is leading. It’s the one whom everyone listens to that is really leading. So in your circle, who are people listening to? That’s who’s really in charge.
The designated leader may have the title. However, leading from position and title is the weakest form of leadership. In fact, it only counts if the people respect of the position. If they don’t respect that particular position, the leader has no power to at all to move.
There are some simple ways to improve your leadership and move from a figurehead to a real leader.
First, look deeply into your character. Are you a good woman or man? If you don’t think you are a person of character then why should anyone else think so? Without character you may lead but the end result will be mixed and in time the effect of your leadership will be negative.
Second, make sure you fit the position. Personality, experience, and training should equip you for your responsibility. Do you fit? If you find yourself in a position where you don’t fit, you have only 2 possible outcomes:
  • survive and get fit real fast
  • get out before you’re overwhelmed.
Third, as a leader do your homework. Know what you are talking about. When you open your mouth make sure you know what is going to come out. Winston Churchill, in his days as a parliamentarian, prepared a secondary speech for every point in his presentation that might be challenged. Over prepared? For every defense he needed to make, he was prepared.
Fourth, don’t be afraid to stand up and stand out. It is advised that leaders should dress 10% better than followers. Just a little better, symbolizing they are ahead, just a little ahead of the followers but not too far ahead. If you stand out the stones hit you first. That’s what leaders do- they take shots from the bushes. No one sees it coming but it comes. Leaders get the flack, blame or whatever. That is part of being a leader. Not everyone likes every leader.
Fifth, take responsibility for everything that is happening under your watch. You are the leader so really indirectly or directly it is all your fault or credit. Never let yourself off the hook.
Five should be enough for now. Actually these 5 can become a discipline. Without these five beliefs becoming actions, you will never lead successfully. What may happen is that you may be the official leader but someone else will call the shots and that person is the real leader.
Lead on, my friends!!

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