Welcome to my website!

Thanks for stopping by. I have been asked repeatedly to share thoughts and ideas in a blog format. So…here I am trying to do so. I hope you find some of the information on here useful and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me. ~ Dennis

4 Responses to “Welcome to my website!”

  1. Anthony Ward says:

    Hey Dennis,

    Just found your sight and it is very nice. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, insight and gracious spirit with us in media form. Thank you also for your commitment to the kingdom, your leadership and your love for God’s people.

    • aniyammavarghese says:

      Praise the Lord

      Dear Pastor,

      Thank you for the inspirable message you gave yesterday…i love it…May God bless u and use u for His ministry more…Yes Jesus is coming soon..


  2. Rochie Beatty says:

    Hi both of you, this is Rochie I hope you still remember me in 22 years back. Hint; to remember me is Sara Joy my daughter shes the first baby born in Gentle Hands Clinic. I’m in googles website searching for church address and I am surprised that takes me in your websites. Calling my attention wondering and I said myself wow is a small world, so I said if I will try to message both of you and if you still remember me. God is amazing and god Bless you and your family.

    Best regards,

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