Looking Forward

Lots of good people stay stuck. They never change, never get better, never move forward.


It might be because in their minds they are satisfied with the way things are.


It might be they are scared to rock the boat, any boat- their boat or someone else’s boat.


It might be personal fear of the unknown…it’s so much safer just to leave things as they are. This is a known life and we really don’t know what something different would look like. We won’t take the risk.


It might be some form of deception, self talk, self-assessment that assures me “I’m already Ok”, but the OK is lacking scrutiny. What is the “ok-ness” based on?


Just look back for a few minutes and see where you’ve come from in the past 12 months. Is it


  • a straight line
  • a crooked line
  • no line at all
  • a circle



Have you a dream, any dream for the future? I do! I’m 60, not young but certainly not old. Someone once said, ‘when you stop dreaming you start dying.” If that’s true, lots of good people are dying long before they are dead.


I’m working on a new 5-year plan right now. Why not? I’ll likely live much more than 5 more years, God willing, so what will I do with the next 5 years?


What if that is my last 5 years, what do I really want to get done for God’s glory? If I’m going to live another 5 years why not make it count? Why drift because I’m 60, or because I’ve already done a lot, or because my back aches occasionally and my knees get stiff and I don’t always sleep well. So what! I’m alive and I should live life to the full.


You might be only 30 and so locked into career-building you’ve forgotten to live- to do more than earn money. Don’t you want to leave a mark, to make a difference? Remember, in just a few years you too will be 60.


Looking forward means looking at your life with your eyes wide open and see where it’s going. Based on the past year and the mindset you have today where will you be in 2013? Is that really where you want to be in life? Is that all you want to be? Is your current life the end of all dreams?


Dream with God. Yes- you read it right. Dream with God. He is the author of dreams and visions. Have you really considered God’s purpose for your life? His purpose may have absolutely nothing to do with your career, business, routines or experience.


Too often we offer to God what we are rather than who we are. “Lord, I’m good at marketing, I studied 4 years for this degree, can you use my skills?” Maybe He can! Or…maybe he doesn’t want to! Maybe he has a dream for you that has nothing to do with the security you’ve built. Instead, it will need faith- pure trust in God to see it come to pass.


Looking forward means you are optimistic. Optimism is to weak a word for Christians. It should be looking forward full of faith. I can do and I will do because I believe in God’s promises and I intend to see them come to pass in my life.


Optimism is hopefulness and confidence about the future. Faith is an assurance that what is presently not right or seen will be right or seen. Based upon my faith in God, “I know.”


Looking forward is action. If we continue to do what we’ve done before we can expect the same results. Are you satisfied with the results? Is this all you have ever dreamt of? Was last year the fulfillment of your dreams? Was it the beginning of where you know God wants you to Go? I should clarify that: when I say, “where God wants you to go” I don’t mean a geographic position. I mean where, personally, in character, ability, accomplishment and spiritual life He wants you to go.


Make it personal. Big dreams start inside. You change- and everything around you changes. Mostly we want circumstances and others to change… but real change starts with us.


I recently read the following in a blog by Glen Beck and I recopy.


A man decided that he would change the world.
But, he wasn’t successful.
So he decided to change the country.
But, he wasn’t successful.
So he decided to change his community.
But, he wasn’t successful.
So he decided to change his street.
But, be wasn’t successful.
So he decided to change his family.
But, he wasn’t successful.
So he decided to change himself.


Looking forward is an excellent way to begin 2012. Take an hour this week and get alone and write down some dreams and plans and faith statements. Start talking to God about them. Write down some things you could do to clarify where you want to go. Then take actions that move you in that direction and do so with excitement.


I actually expect my next 5 years to be my best so far, but possibly not as good as the 5 years after that, and the five years after that… J


Happy New Year!

2 Responses to “Looking Forward”

  1. marife napao says:

    Thank you Pastor Dennis for that inspiring message.
    I’m looking forward this year will be my last year to prove myself after years of crooked lines. A second and last chance for God’s will to work in me.

    I’m going back in the States to work as an RN. Hopefully along the way meet my soulmate.

    I miss you preaching Pastor Dennis. Regards to Sis. Dennie.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Deanna McAffee says:

    Thanks for these thoughts. It’s good to consider these things at the beginning of the year. I can identify with several of the points made. God Bless!

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