How to earn Trust

Who do you trust? Sad to say, there are many people who trust no one. Their lives have been hard and filled with disappointments. Trusted relationships have brought much betrayal and pain.

The world is not the same as it once was.

There was a time when professionals were looked up to as having integrity. The stockbroker really worked for you. The lawyer represented you. The pastor or minister lived what he preached. There really were people who loved to serve others.

Now service is an industry, a profession.

Somewhere in this high-pressure world, trust crashed.

Now the indictments have come for those perpetrating Ponzi schemes, and defrauding folks of their hard earned savings.

Television preachers have often embarrassed the Christian community.

Priests have been found out to be less than moral.

Salesman no longer sell for the love of the product, but only for what they can earn on commissions.

Good upright people still do exist! But for many casualties of this unreliable world, there does not seem to be any one left to trust.

For a few moments lets flip this around and stop thinking about our trust betrayed, and start thinking about becoming a person of trust. Rather than surrendering to the way it is, why not become someone who can be trusted? Become the very kind of person you are looking for.

Can you be trusted, verbally, morally, financially or spiritually? True trust is never given; it is earned. If you start working on it today, you can become a trustworthy person.

I want to give you 4 very simple qualities that can increase your trust quotient in life and relationships.

1. Be consistent. Keep saying the same thing. Stay on your course in life. Never let your life become situationally moral. Be moral all the time. Stay on track. Let it be known you are consistent. Stay with it!
2. Be a person of integrity. Let words and actions be exactly the same. Never say one thing privately and another publically. Never smile at someone while you curse him under your breath. Get a grip on your life and be the same inside and out. Don’t forget little things count. Pay attention to your own behavior!
3. Be dependable. Stand with people. Be a friend to people. Be more than an employee or employer. Be there for others when they need you. Now that normally costs you something- do it anyway! Go that second mile for someone and be prepared to do it often. Determine to leave deposits of good in other’s lives. Jimmy Johnson, former football coach says it this way;” the only thing worse than a coach or CEO who doesn’t care about his people is one who pretends to care.” People can spot a phony every time. They know he doesn’t care about them and worse, his actions insult their intelligence. Be reliable!
4. Be a promise keeper. When you say something, follow through on it. When you make a commitment, don’t expect someone to follow you up. I’ve been told we live in the “day of follow-up”. When you make a promise why should someone else have to hold you to it? You should just do it because you promised to do it. Nowadays, “trying” seems to be the standard. “I tried”, but it didn’t work. Winston Churchill said, “It’s no use saying ‘We did our best.’” You have got to succeed at doing what is necessary. Keep those promises!

Friends, you do these 4 things and your trust quotient is going to go through the roof. These four character traits, when broken, define what hurts and disappoints us the most.

Therefore logically and practically if we want to be trusted, that is a choice we make today. It is set in motion the moment we begin to practice these 4 things.

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  1. This is a good reading PD. Looking forward to read more of your posts. These points can make us better… Thanks a lot!

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