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What to do in 2015

ONE THING New Year’s celebrations are about optimism and hope, desire and dreams. • This year will be better. • This year will be different. • This year will be successful. • This will be my best year! • Something will change. • I will change. Isn’t that the way almost every year begins? And […]

Making a withdrawal from the bank of Grace

Suppose for a moment your bank account had an infinite balance. An unlimited line of credit. Just suppose that whenever you needed to make a withdrawal there was always more than you needed. WOULDN’T THAT BE NICE??? Sigh. In the real world, OUR WORLD, such a bank account doesn’t exist. Here’s a second thought… What […]

Rebels and Leaders

Are you a rebel or a leader? Let me define both. Leaders have influence and followers, and make a long lasting positive impact. Rebels also have influence and followers, and also make a long lasting impact- but it’s often negative. The problem is, we don’t always know the difference between leading and rebelling. They are […]

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