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Why I don’t drink alcohol – at all!

Why I don’t drink alcohol – at all!

When I say “drinking”, I’m talking about imbibing alcohol. I don’t drink. I make no apologies for this fact. In my opinion, based on Scripture and my life experience, drinking alcoholic beverages serves no good purpose. In fact, it can cause irreparable damage to you physically, mentally and socially. I am not alone in this […]

What to do in 2015

ONE THING New Year’s celebrations are about optimism and hope, desire and dreams. • This year will be better. • This year will be different. • This year will be successful. • This will be my best year! • Something will change. • I will change. Isn’t that the way almost every year begins? And […]

How will you know when you are successful?

Success is one of the most difficult words to define. If you questioned a dozen different people and asked them, “Are you successful?” some would reply “yes”, others would say “I’m trying hard to be!” and some would hang their heads and say “no, not yet”. The real answer should come from a follow-up question, […]

How would you like to become a leader?

A lot of people have never thought about that much. Many people assume, “I am not a leader. That is not my role in life. I am a follower!”   Following may be what you have done most of your life- but it does not mean that you are limited to following.   The assumption […]

Good Decisions

Many years ago I heard Zig Ziglar tell the story of a young man who was replacing the retiring bank manager. Wanting to start off right, the young man entered the office of the much older manager and asked him for advice. “How can I succeed as a manager?” he asked. The older man gruffly […]

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