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A Mind Full of Sex!

Sex, sexual images, sexuality, sexual innuendo, sexual conversation and sexual slang have so saturated our society that most of us are used to it. Very few of us are “shockable” any more. Very few of us realize how comfortable we have become with conversation or movies about sex. So many of us are unaware of […]

I’ve decided to stop complaining!

I’ve decided to stop complaining!

                          I’ve decided to quit complaining. Lets face it. Things are often not right. People don’t always treat me right. I am frequently inconvenienced by the thoughtless decisions of others. There are always bothersome things like ridiculous traffic or bad weather or irritating […]

One thing most Christians refuse to do

It is a choice. It can be done. It should be done, but it is rarely done. It always changes people and yet most do not take it seriously. It may drastically increase the results of your prayers but it still is rarely done. It is viewed as difficult, yet almost nothing is as effective […]