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I’ve decided to stop complaining!

I’ve decided to stop complaining!

                          I’ve decided to quit complaining. Lets face it. Things are often not right. People don’t always treat me right. I am frequently inconvenienced by the thoughtless decisions of others. There are always bothersome things like ridiculous traffic or bad weather or irritating […]

What to do in 2015

ONE THING New Year’s celebrations are about optimism and hope, desire and dreams. • This year will be better. • This year will be different. • This year will be successful. • This will be my best year! • Something will change. • I will change. Isn’t that the way almost every year begins? And […]

A sure way to NEVER move forward

I see it quite often. It is not limited to gender, race, social position, financial status or life accomplishment. It does not seem to be connected to the size of the problem or the breadth of the opposition. It is not related to failure. It is not determined by whose fault the situation is. Rather, […]

What exactly do you think?

Your life is a direct result of your thinking patterns. You need to pay attention to what you think. It is your most defining characteristic. Do you ever think about what you think about? This is important. If you were to gather your thoughts and place them into patterns or categories, then evaluate what you […]

Decision Making and God’s Will

Decision-making is difficult for many people. You have to choose what to do, when to do it and how to do it. For Christians, we claim to believe that God has something to do with our decisions, or at least we hope He does! Yet Christians also make lots of bad decisions, or mistakes. Our […]

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