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What exactly do you think?

Your life is a direct result of your thinking patterns. You need to pay attention to what you think. It is your most defining characteristic. Do you ever think about what you think about? This is important. If you were to gather your thoughts and place them into patterns or categories, then evaluate what you […]

Making a withdrawal from the bank of Grace

Suppose for a moment your bank account had an infinite balance. An unlimited line of credit. Just suppose that whenever you needed to make a withdrawal there was always more than you needed. WOULDN’T THAT BE NICE??? Sigh. In the real world, OUR WORLD, such a bank account doesn’t exist. Here’s a second thought… What […]

Looking Forward

Lots of good people stay stuck. They never change, never get better, never move forward.   It might be because in their minds they are satisfied with the way things are.   It might be they are scared to rock the boat, any boat- their boat or someone else’s boat.   It might be personal […]

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