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We talk to much

We Talk Too Much This could be a problem. Consider this. You have seven holes in your head. (Interesting – the number of perfection.) Two

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You are not a victim!

I see this quite often. This attitude is not limited to gender, race, social position, financial status or life accomplishment. It does not seem to

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Does God Have Favorites?

This is a rather serious question. My answer is this: “Yes, He does. God does have people He favours above others.” Here are some examples

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Leadership – Taking Initiative

Leadership by definition is simply taking the lead.  The dictionary says that to lead is “to guide, to march ahead of, to go before as

Leadership and a Healthy Mind

There are some realities you will need to face head-on  if you are planning to answer God’s call to any kind of ministry. God always

The Rock Church Saskatoon

Dennis shared and preached at The Rock Church on Jan 5, 2020. Main verses: Acts 9:1-3 Supplementary verses: 2 Tim 3:12, Matthew 5:11-12, Matthew 5:44-45,