Welcome to my website!

1. Welcome to my website!

Thanks for stopping by. I have been asked repeatedly to share thoughts and ideas in a blog format. So…here I am trying to do so. I hope you find some of the information on here useful and if you have any suggestions, please feel free...
Why I don’t drink alcohol – at all!

Why I don’t drink alcohol – at all!

When I say “drinking”, I’m talking about imbibing alcohol. I don’t drink. I make no apologies for this fact. In my opinion, based on Scripture and my life experience, drinking alcoholic beverages...
How to Deal with Fear

How to Deal with Fear

The “fear factor” plays a bigger role in our lives than most of us would care to admit. Fear! As ugly as the word is, yet it is one of the great realities of life. It is often the driving force behind our...
When Is It Time to Quit?

When Is It Time to Quit?

  Sometimes it is smart to quit. I am not a quitter- and yet I have quit a time or two. I am not a loser and yet I have lost a time or two. Winning is not always about sheer determination. True, you can...
May your dreams come true… or will they?

May your dreams come true… or will...

“May all your dreams come true…”  is a Disney-esque thing we sometimes say to each other on special occasions such as birthdays or graduation. What dreams? Is it really wise to wish this for someone?...

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Dennis Heppner has been a pastor, educator, and leader for 38 years of which 24 years have been in Asia.

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