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Maybe You Should Not Have Any Kids….. unless..

“Its easier to build a child than it is to repair a man,” said Frederick Douglass, an African-American educator and activist who escaped from slavery and fought for freedom for all men.


Can we speak to the dead? Do the dead speak to us? It sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice if my father or brother or mom who have passed on could communicate with me occasionally? After all, we love each other and I miss them and they would probably want to comfort me. […]

The non-accidental relationship

Loneliness hurts. Loneliness often leads to bad relationship decisions. I use the word “decisions” because all non-family born relationships are choices.

Looking Forward

Lots of good people stay stuck. They never change, never get better, never move forward.   It might be because in their minds they are satisfied with the way things are.   It might be they are scared to rock the boat, any boat- their boat or someone else’s boat.   It might be personal […]

Welcome to my website!

Thanks for stopping by. I have been asked repeatedly to share thoughts and ideas in a blog format. So…here I am trying to do so. I hope you find some of the information on here useful and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me. ~ Dennis

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